Stripper Stories: I was 20 when I first decided to get naked for money

At first, it wasn’t about the money for me when I say that it usually shocks people. Most girls enter the world of stripping for a quick and “easy” payday. For myself, it started off wanting to be someone else for the night.I never really knew how well I could act until I entered my first gentleman’s club. I became a whole new person once I entered those doors and I loved it, I had a new name, new style and a new personality. Once I had removed my clothes and replaced them with slinky and seductive lingerie I was Summer.

Before I started dancing I thought it was all 7-inch heels and glamour, I still remember how excited I used to get when I first started. I was young, naive and full of adventure.



Life update

Happy new year!

I will put my hands up and admit, I have been neglecting my blog over the past few months and thought as it’s the first day of the new year it would only be right to give a little update for those who are interested.

I have been going through a lot mentally and took time off too focus on myself, There was a lot of issues I was trying to avoid and honestly thought I was succeeding in doing so. I had recently been diagnosed with BPD – borderline personality disorder or as some you may know as EID – emotional intensity disorder. Being officially diagnosed explained a lot and I am now in ongoing therapy as well as taking medication and moving forward in my life, Even though I am taking time off from dancing it doesn’t mean I have quit. The reason I wasn’t writing on my blog was I had started this as a stripper blog and I personally felt embarrassed to admit what I was going through as there is some what of a stigma around mental health, I have missed writing on here deeply as it was a healthy outlet for me and helped me deal with certain things I was going through. I have learnt that I can’t pretend everything’s fine and honestly it’s helping me become happier, faking it is never healthy. I am a very positive person but it’s hard dealing with something out of my control but I am slowly learning how.img_6674


A girl called Anastasia

I know this girl who lights up every room she walks into, she’s a little bit crazy but who isn’t? She’s very out there and sometimes I wonder if she just says stuff for a reaction, her name is Anastasia.

Anastasia is beautiful inside and out, Everyone thinks so apart from Anastasia herself. I used to think people who were the life of the party were surely the happiest people, always smiling and making everyone smile along with them… That’s until I met Anastasia; from the outside looking in she seems like the happiest girl you could ever meet but it’s all a facade, a mask to cover what’s really going on.

I’ve always been intrigued with people’s minds, how they work and why people do certain things fascinate me and Anastasia blew me away the moment we met, she was an enigma and I wanted to be a part of her world.

Stripper basics 

A lot of people are intrigued by my job. I guess it’s the unknown of it all, before I started stripping I had never stepped foot In a strip club and had this preconceived image of how they were. I thought strip clubs were dingy, small places where only old men attended. I get asked mostly the same questions, So I thought I’d put this post together to answer them honestly. 

Do you have sex with your customers?

No. Most strip clubs if not all have cameras in the private rooms and strict rules regarding touching let alone sex. Customers are not allowed to touch.

Do you dance for old men?

As a dancer, we choose who we approach to talk too and then dance for. Yes people come up to us and ask for a dance but we can say no, if we want to dance for old men we can and if we don’t want too, we don’t have too. 

Are the girls bitchy? 

I’ve met some of the most honest and  kindest people through dancing. Some girls can be bitchy some girls aren’t, same goes with life. 

How much do you make a night?

Strippers don’t get paid per hour, they pay house fee ranging from £20-£150 a night depending where you work. Everything we make is through private dances, In the UK we rarely get tipped on stage. I’ve had nights where I’ve made thousands and nights where I have made nothing.

Do you get free lingerie/Stripper outfits?

I get this one quite a lot but it’s rather strange to me, I don’t know why… It would just never cross my mind to think this but no we don’t get our outfits free. We pay for them ourselves. 

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, feel free to do so either by commenting below or through my Ask Me page.

Stripper Stories: First Stripper Outfit


As I read this tweet, A thousand memories came back to me…My first stripper outfit/s. I can’t vouch for every stripper but I’m sure most of you will agree with me here, your first stripper outfit is something you would never wear now! If you never had an embarrassing stripper outfit then did you really ever be a baby stripper?!


A few of my first outfits consist of a lime green lycra mini dress with diamante detail, A leopard print bodysuit and 7-inch heels I bought from eBay: They weren’t the proper stripper shoes and were extremely difficult to walk in! I literally couldn’t walk!!! (I wrote about my full first stripper experience here) I literally loved that lime green mini dress, I thought as it was so bright I was sure to look unique and get noticed…I got noticed alright! Maybe for not all good reasons, Looking back it was so obvious I was a new stripper, Bless.



Comment below & Let me know about your first stripper outfit! 🙂

Dancer review: Larry Flynt’s Hustler club, Croydon

I worked at Hustlers for 3 Fridays and one Saturday, The club is located in Croydon, Surrey just outer London. The train station is a 10-minute walk from the club. This club gave me a kinda American strip club feel, Most of the girls were small waist big bums (my favourite type of body), They played a lot of trap/RnB/rap music, stage show focused and the dancers mostly wore bikinis and American stripper style outfits instead of lingerie. I prefer those outfits so that worked for me.

I worked there during the Summer holidays so not the best time to try out, but while I worked there the customers were mostly young in their early twenties and there wasn’t a lot of big spenders. You do get your first 3 nights free house fee, So it is worth trying it out for yourself.

Dances cost £10 for topless , £20 for fully nude in a private area, £120 for 15 minutes,£240 for half hour VIP, £450 hour VIP. You pay 20% commission on dances.


  •  As a dancer,you get your first 3 nights free house fee, After the house fee is £60 per night
  • The girls are either friendly or keep themselves to themselves, I didn’t experience any bitchiness
  • Professional management
  • Central stage
  • As a dancer, you can choose your stage songs
  • Nearby station with all night/early morning train service


  • Club closes at 7am on weekends, To leave you will have to pay £50
  • As a dancer, you pay full price for drinks
  • No cash machine inside of club
  • No day shifts

Image result for hustlers croydon





Useful info

Phone number: 0208 633 1621



Life Blogging: If at first you don’t succeed…

Then dust yourself off and try again.


I’ve been looking for a new “home” club for  just over a month now and it’s proven a little difficult, I must admit the summer holidays didn’t help. If you aren’t a dancer let me explain things a little, Stripping has highs and lows, I personally find summers holidays and January not the best of times to work and Christmas season the best. We don’t get paid per hour (I get asked about this a lot) and we earn most if not all our money from private dances. So I have been looking for a new club in London, I live just outside London and you can read here  as to why I left my old club.


I try and remain positive as I’m a big believer in positive mind = positive life, but it’s hard… I’ve decided to take a week of me time off and start again next week.

Life Blogging: Toxic people and letting go

You become who you surround yourself with is something I have heard and never truly understood until recently, Negative people will bring anyone else down with them misery loves company as they say.

I had a friend who I fell out with just over a month ago (I spoke about the whole thing in this post) and after getting over it, my life seems to be getting better, I’ve spent time with old friends, found a new club and seem to be loving it so far and just all round felt happier. I’ve literally woken up in a positive mood near enough every day. What I’ve realised is sometimes something that seems dreadful or the worst thing to happen can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, I’m not saying our whole friendship was horrible but there were some parts that didn’t make me feel that great and I know that’s not how any friendship should make you feel, I do miss the good parts… We had the same dry humour and very similar interests, as well as both, being dancers, we also spent a lot of time together so the last month has been different in that sense.  This friend has messaged me today and I don’t know whether to reply or not, If we were to speak I don’t know if I could be as close as we were but I also don’t know if I could not ever speak to her again…